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Kenzie Raposo is an illustrator and hand lettering artist based out of Southern California. She creates whimsical illustrations for greeting cards, children's books, paper products, textiles, and the seasonal decor industry.

Kenzie grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating with a BFA in illustration, she worked as an in-house product designer for several nationally and internationally known brands. Her design career took her across the globe to countries like France, China, Chile, the Philippines, Germany, and more. 


In 2018, she launched her own illustration studio, and hasn't looked back!


Everyday she is in awe of California's natural beauty and she seeks inspiration in the simple things that surround her life. She loves that she can snowboard in the morning and hike through the desert in the evening. She spends her days with her husband, her son, and their Bernese Mountain Dog. They have dedicated their lives to finding adventure, creating art, and seeking the little joys our world has to offer.

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